Diary of a Wildcat

What’s Growing in LE? - “The land is where our roots are.  The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.”   -Maria Montessori My name is Jasmine B., and … Continue reading
Middle School & The Argumentative Essay - Middle School International Baccalaureate learners at The Westwood School have been deepening their understanding of the Argumentative Essay during Writing class. The students have dug into various topics which allow … Continue reading
Visit from a Sergeant - Preschool and Lower Elementary students at The Westwood School met with Sergeant Clayton Russell this week. He and his family spent a week visiting with our own Mr. Russell, proud … Continue reading
Math in the Toddler Room - Engaging the senses is where Montessori mathematics begins at The Westwood School. With the number rubbing lesson, Toddler students use crayons to rub over sandpaper numbers while saying the name … Continue reading