Faculty And Staff

A school is only as good as its people are skilled, devoted, and experienced. We have brought together a group of gifted, professional faculty and staff who are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters character, community, and academic excellence.

Administrative Team



Pam Butler


Lourcey, Heather

Heather Lourcey

Head of School

Avery, Natalie

Natalie Avery


J. Cardona

Janet Cardona

Business Manager

S. Dalrymple

Shaun Dalrymple

Upper School Dean

D. Giorgini

Debra Giorgini

Director of Admission

Smith, Brittany

Brittany Smith

Afterschool Director



Caroline Henry

Academic Dean of Lower School

Lynne, Julie

Julie Lynne

Academic Dean of Middle School / Director of Educational Support

K. Moffett

Kim Moffett

Assistant Academic Dean of Lower School / Lower Elementary Lead Teacher


Nelson, Kelly

Kelly Nelson



Worthen, Kim

Kim Worthen

Director of Administration and Community

Support Staff




Andrea Slaughter

Alumni Relations

Lower School Faculty

Alcazar-Cruzaley, Rocio

Rocio Alcazar

Preschool Teacher


S. Blankenship.

Sheri Blankenship

Physical Education Teacher


Crystal Briones

Toddler Teacher

D. Calderon

Daisy Calderon

Lower Elementary Teacher / LS Design / In-School Studio Coordinator



M. Degroot

Maria DeGroot

Preschool Teacher / Preschool Academic Coordinator

C. Dittmer

Chris Dittmer

Toddler Teacher / Toddler Academic Coordinator

Duncan, Mackenzie

Mackenzie Duncan

Toddler Teacher / Toddler Afterschool Teacher


Debbie Edwards

Lower Elementary Teacher

M. Gallman

Michelle Gallman

Lower Elementary Teacher / Lower Elementary Academic Coordinator

Gipson, Whitney

Whitney Gipson

Lower Elementary Teacher


Ginger Herran

Lower School Spanish Teacher / Preschool Afterschool Teacher

Ingmire, Bryce

Bryce Ingmire

Lower School and Middle School Music Teacher / Upper Elementary Afterschool Teacher

C. Mahan

Carol Mahan

Preschool Teacher

D. Sheppard

Deana Mason

Preschool Teacher


Pfautsch, Pamela

Pamela Pfautsch

Upper Elementary Teacher

Perry, Beth

Beth Perry

Lower School and Middle School Art Teacher



Abigail Rodriguez

Preschool Teacher


Kelly Short

Upper Elementary Teacher

Singh, Archana

Archana Singh

Lower Elementary Teacher

Stuart, Allyson

Allyson Stuart

Toddler Teacher



Maria Svensson

Upper Elementary Teacher / Upper Elementary Academic Coordinator

Wurtzel, Lindsay

Lindsay Wurtzel

Lower Elementary Teacher



Liya Yu

Lower School Mandarin Teacher

Zerda, Mary

Mary Zerda

Preschool Teacher


Upper School Faculty

Abene, Kristi

Kristi Abene

High School Humanities / Upper School Theatre / Cheer Coach

Adar, Trey

Trey Adair

Middle School Government Teacher / Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach



Zachary Gallman

Middle School PE Teacher / Varsity Basketball Assistant Coach

Hahn, Jennifer

Jennifer Hahn

Upper School Spanish Teacher

Lourcey, Larry

Larry Lourcey

Athletic Director / Varsity Basketball Coach

Macalik, Gail

Gail Macalik

English and History Teacher / Diploma Programme Coordinator

S. McClellan

Sarah McClellan

Middle School Mathematics Teacher / Project Management Teacher


Pam Moore

School and College Counselor

Rushton, Brian

Brian Rushton

High School Mathematics Teacher

Rusness, Karly

Karly Rusness

Middle School Language and Literature Teacher

Smith, Audrey

Audrey Smith

High School Mathematics Teacher



Melissa Smith

Theory of Knowledge Teacher / Humanities Teacher

Webster, Kristina

Kristina Webster

High School Biology / Middle School Science Teacher

Zhou, Liz

Liz Zhao

Upper School Mandarin Teacher

The Westwood School has provided my child with the best possible educational environment. They have outdone themselves making us feel welcome and a vital part of their school community, and they truly go the extra mile to ensure that each child meets his/her educational potential. I couldn’t be happier.
— W. Smith